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The OLCR system is not a "first-come, first-served" system. It will record everyone’s preferences for their class times and store the preferences in a database.

Note: The OLCR system automatically logs users out after 10 minutes of inactivity. During peak times this figure maybe decreased. OLCR also automatically log users out after a total of 35 minutes.

Not all units are available for registration through OLCR. If you can not find your unit listed, follow your faculty's normal methods of registering for class times.


After you have successfully enrolled in your units at UWA, the next stage is to work on your timetable for the current semester’s units.

  1. About OLCR
  2. Planning for OLCR
  3. Entering preferences
  4. Viewing and editing OLCR allocations
  5. Getting help with OLCR
  6. Access

About OLCR

OLCR (On Line Class Registration) is the timetable management system for allocating students to classes at UWA. It is important to spend some time getting to know the OLCR system because you must take responsibility for your timetable at UWA.

OLCR works on a preference system, not a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis to select classes. For all units (that use OLCR) you will be required to enter your preferences for your enrolment in the coming semester. For each of these units you will be asked to select your preferred day and time for the required classes in order of priority (1 = your first preference; 2 = your second preference, and so on.).

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Planning for OLCR

Planning your preferences for OLCR is essential. The timetable website is an ‘information only’ website that you can use to help you plan and work out how your units fit together in a given semester.

You can plan for your ‘ideal’ timetable (first preferences) but also establish which other class options are workable. This will assist you in making appropriate preference selections in OLCR and try to avoid timetable clashes.

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Entering preferences

Once you have planned your timetable it is time to enter your preferences in OLCR. Simply log into OLCR using your UWA student ID and PHEME password to start the process. View the Timetable and OLCR QuickStart guide for step-by-step guidance on timetable planning and entering preferences:

A blank timetable grid will also help with your planning:

Timetable grid [PDF, 25.1 KB]
Updated 6 May 2013

Timetable grid [RTF, 54.1 KB]
Updated 6 May 2013

The OLCR system has set opening and closing dates within which to enter your preferences.

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Viewing and editing OLCR allocations

On closing, OLCR will run an allocation process resulting in you being assigned your timetable. When OLCR reopens you will be able to view your allocated timetable by logging back in and selecting ‘allocs’ from the top menu. You may have the ability to edit your timetable if there are spaces available in your desired class. To edit, click on the ‘view and edit timetable’ link on the top menu.

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Getting help with OLCR

For additional assistance or timetable clashes contact any member of the First Year Experience Team (UniStart) or you can ask for help in person at one of our subject libraries across campus.

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You can enter your preferences from any computer connected to the internet including:

  • home computers
  • internet cafes
  • University lab computers that are available to students, including at:

Login authentication

Your student PHEME account is used to log into OLCR.

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